Friday, November 20, 2009

Made some soaps with curly cue embeds in it. The scent is Inspire and although it is is a bit soft so it'll need a nice long cure time. Here's a pic:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Honor Roll!

For the first time my son is on the A/B honor roll. I am very proud of him because he's been working very hard for this! To commemorate this special occasion and show him how proud I am of his achievement I bought him a large giant cookie decorated just for him. Here's a pic:

I hope he'll be able to keep this up!! I'm very happy!:-) I love you bunches boo!

Monday, November 9, 2009

That time of the get sick

Well everyone...what did I dodge the sick bug forever? I mean really, what was I thinking, I was immune??? NEVER. It will eventually attack us all in some degree or another. In other words I was sick all weekend....bummer! And it was one of those OMG it is GORGEOUS fall weather outside -- crisp, cool, not a cloud in the sky, sunny, ya get the idea? And I spent all of it inside nursing a nasty cold that hasn't let me sleep much so I'm a walking bit** right now. Oh how lovely for my family. Actually I've been keeping my distance from them so as not to infect them and shower my yucky mood on them. They should be grateful!

In spite of my grumblings and clogged up respiratory system I made soap. Where I got the energy I don't know...but I made 3 batches, unheard of for me in 1 day. So I will share my pics as always.

Spiced Pear


Vanilla Bean